JP Tró  Extract IMMUNITY

  • 100% natural.

  • Backed by more than 25 years of scientific studies.

  • No side effects.

  • Now with Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin D that help the normal functioning of DEFENSES.

It is time to take care of yourself



Our differentiation

Decades of careful research planning have allowed us to move from basic research studies to clinical studies on athletes, healthy people and chronic patients.

Thanks to our studies, methodology, formulation and our own processes designed and developed by our company’s scientific department, we have placed ourselves in a privileged position in the creation of a unique extract in the world: JP Tró Extract.

JP Tró Extract is the result of years of study and knowledge, both medical and agronomic, of the biology of several types of plants in the same family: the Polypodiaceae.

Our careful selection of the different species of this family makes JP Tró Extract a unique product.

All of this from plantations in different parts of the world, where our plants grow in their most natural habitat and in the most controlled way. The existence of different botanical species, within the same family, allows us to add the specific active principles of each of them to obtain an exclusive, safe and high quality product. In addition to the selection of species in the creation of our extract, we also take into account the properties of each part of the plants themselves. All of this is done to enhance and optimise the desired effects:

JP Tró Extract undergoes a carefully studied extraction process that gives it the stability and purity that guarantee our quality.

JP Tró Extract is perfectly compatible with other traditional treatments.

JP Tró Extract is a 100% natural product with no side effects.

Scientific studies

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