Areas of Development

All our research work is focused on the development of products that contribute to the improvement of health by acting from the inside of the organism, covering a wide field of activity with an infinite number of applications. We are working on different products with our unique formulation of JP Tró Extract.

The social and ecological work of JP Tró Extract

JP Tró Extract, in addition to being a unique product as a food supplement, also performs a great social and ecological work throughout its collection and production process. The magic of our product starts from mother earth where different cooperatives collect our Polypodáceas in a sustainable and controlled way. Our goal is to continue cultivating these ancient plants recovering and promoting biodiversity.

JP Tró Extract provides work to a large number of native families helping them to prosper. Our advocacy of Fair Trade seeks to balance the scales in an increasingly neglected land whose environment has always been difficult.

We are working to launch our product with our JP Tró Extract formulations