Improving Your Quality Of Life

Our company

We put in our work all the effort and illusion necessary to constantly innovate in the search for excellence

We are a Swiss company with a clear vocation oriented to the promotion of health and the improvement of the quality and expectation of life, favoring the processes that improve the functional capacity and that reduce some of the processes that accompany the aging.

Our projects and products for the future are based on a long history of scientific research in collaboration with prestigious scientific institutions, research groups and universities of proven scientific prestige that endorse and support our quality.

Our mission

Our mission is very simple: To improve your quality of life through JP Tró Extract. A new and exclusive product that will allow you to take control of your health. No side effects.

In addition, with JP Tró Extract you can actively contribute to improving your health by complementing your conventional medical treatment with a natural alternative aid.

Our goal is to develop new formulations that expand the application of products based on our JP Tró Extract in the different fields of health.

With the certainty always of the scientifically demonstrated evidence and in the principles of safety and absence of side effects.


Our company has in its DNA to improve people’s lives, regardless of their age, skin color, confession, ideology or origin.

More information?

Each one of our departments can be defined by its effort, work and illusion towards the constant innovation and excellence that impregnates all our staff.

We feel that Science is the basis of our only path. Although it may seem strange to some, we believe in the good condition and essence of the Human Being.

That’s our real feeling. And there’s nothing more powerful than the feeling in the strong belief of something.

Standing and Relevance

Our scientific team is made up of professionals who work in institutions of great standing and relevance.